The KAPSOLO warranty is enforce globally wherever the product is bought. The warranty is valid from date of purchase until expiration in the country where product is bought i.e. Denmark and Germany, 2 years. The warranty covers defects in materials of KAPSOLO products before you have started to use the products, i.e. faulty adhesive immediately after application of the filter onto your device. If you discover a defect before you use the product, please contact us immediately, customerservice@kapsolo.com

Alternatively you may want to contact your reseller, and he will later contact KAPSOLO for RMA purposes.

RMA process, products must be returned to the original place of purchase or directly to KAPSOLO, but only after receiving an official RMA number, without an official RMA no, any goods send back to KAPSOLO will be rejected.

KAPSOLO warranty covers defects and KAPSOLO will make sure a new filter is forwarded to the client. Replacement units are delivered free ofcharge.

Thank you for choosing KAPSOLO, the privacy filter company.