Filter: AntiGlare 3H

KAPSOLO Anti-Glare available in 3H surface hardness Filter reduces disturbing reflection, and keeps your screen clear and visible, securing crystal clear viewing on your screen when in-door lightning changes and/or sun light disturbs from outside i.e. when working close to a window.

The KAPSOLO Anti-Glare Filter is attached directly on the screen as per the installation-, video guide.

This KAPSOLO Anti-Glare Filter covers entire screen, Edge to Edge or standard screen size. The Anti-Glare Filter stays permanently in place, leaves no bubbles and does not move when moving or closing your device, can be removed again without any residue. The Filter is totally transparent, very thin, 0.15mm only. The touch screen, HD display and the dual screen functionality remains 100% the same.

Screen Protection, the surface Hardness Filter protects your screen from scratches, and is shock, drop resistant, and the Anti-Glare coating prevents dirt, stains, and fingerprints are easy to remove.

KAPSOLO Anti-Glare Filters are available in all hardness for all models, from small mobile devices over laptops to large-scale monitors, Screen Protection any model, any size.

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